Knee Rejuvenation Therapy

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Knee pain is the second most common cause of chronic pain. 15-20% of men are affecting with chronic knee pain. More women than men report knee pain, with the overall prevalence of knee pain in women roughly 20%!

While there are many causes there are precious few solutions. In fact most solutions are terrifying to think about!


When most people begin to experience unrelenting knee pain they end up at the orthopedic surgeons office. That would seem to be a great idea, the problem is that the only solution that they have is pills that cover up the pain and inflammation but do nothing to actually heal the problem, physical therapy that may help to strengthen the surrounding muscles but will do very little to heal the damage. And lastly, they have surgery. Scrape it out, cut it out, remove the knee and put in a prosthetic that doesn't work as well as the original and may or may not turn out very well.

Enter Knee Rejuvenation Therapy

Knee Rejuvenation Therapy is designed to not only alleviate the pain from chronic knee pain, osteoarthritis ACL injuries, meniscus tears, failed surgery, previous injury, Sub acute muscle strain and many other conditions, but to actually reverse the damage! That's right, the knee actually gets better!!!

When you injure your knee... is it ever your good knee anymore? Only if the other is worse.

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